Sunday, August 18, 2013

De-UFO-ing the UFOs - Dave and Erin's baby quilt

Dear readers, I'm buried in a pile of UFOs. I'm evidently in the middle of 4 makes, and I'll be perfectly honest, I don't function that way. While I'm often tempted to start many projects in a row, I am best at working sequentially - one project at a time.

When these two urges clash, inertia occurs. Nothing gets done, I'm too stressed to enter the sewing room.

As with everything in life, the solution is - unfortunately for me, who craves the easy answer - one step at a time.

And so, this quilt top, made for my friends Dave and Erin, who are about to have a baby in September. I'd finished the quilt top in July?, but I don't enjoy the quilting process, and so, it lingered on as a UFO.

Last week, I swore that I'd work 30 minutes every day on the damn thing, and get it done. It took a little more time than that, but hey - you know what - it's now done.

The front fabric is stuff I just stole from my mom's stash (don't feel bad for her, she has a lot of stash.) The back though, I pulled something from my stash - this grey cotton is lovely and soft, and I didn't really have enough of it to make it into anything else. It looks perfect in this quilt. (Also, yay, stash sew down.)

It isn't the best quilting in the world, but I'm not a good quilter, and it's a pretty good effort for me.
Unfortunately, my mother brought me a quilt top I need to quilt for her. (Trust me, this isn't altruistic in the slightest, it's one of my patterns, and she's been kind enough to test the pattern for me.) And thus and therefore, the UFO count still stands at 4. Sigh.


Jenn C said...

Beautiful quilt!

Claire S. said...

It's beautiful Reethi - so colorful !