Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Upcoming sewing.

Sew Be It Studio has a Sew Green contest going that I want to enter. (The prizes are nice... I'm a sucker for free stuff.)

The garment I'm reusing for this project is an old salwar kameez. Once upon a long, long time ago, my aunt had bought this (or maybe had it made?) for my cousin. Either my cousin wore it, or most likely, she didn't. She then proceeded to give it to my mother.

My mother decided this salwar looked dreadful on her, but she didn't want to take it to India to recycle, like she normally does, incase my aunt saw it and was hurt (or mad at my cousin.) So, it sat at the back of my mom's closet...

Until I came along. I wanted to make something for Halloween. I decided a Renaissance dress was what I wanted to make.

Here are some before pictures.

Me, wearing the dress (I've already ripped a sleeve out) I'm literally drowning in fabric.

And the pattern I want to make:

The contest ends this week, I think. I have a skirt, shirt and vest to make. Hmm. I think I should start this NOW.

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