Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy New Year!

Wow, I'm so sewn out, after 8 pairs of pyjamas. (Or pajamas? I'm sticking with the British English spelling on this one.)

Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments on the dress. (Especially to Sarah, who sent a billion comments over my way) I confess, I still haven't worn it, although that has a lot to do with the fact that its winter, and freezing.

Anyway, the project that's currently under way (though very slowly) is Simplicity 3838. I'm making the view with short sleeves. (I'd originally wanted to do the long sleeved one, but my fabric was a $2 remnant - why is this story familiar? - and I didn't have enough for the long sleeves.)

The tragic part is - I've got started on it, attached the bodice to the waistband, the bottom skirt to the waistband, etc, and I tried it on, and I think the uniform consensus was - pregnant & maternity-like. Aaarrrgh. I'm very tired of the failure rate of my projects, not so much in fitting and construction (though I have those too) but in deciding, looking at a pattern envelope, what will look good on my body.

I'm going to persevere through, however, it might look better with the zipper in, perhaps.

Or, I could just go to the gym, and get rid of the gut, but hey.

I think my sewing resolutions should be to sew clothes I will actually use.

Bah. Overall, I'm not a happy camper.


Tany said...

Happy New Year, Reethi!

Chicago Sarah said...

Reethi, we ALL look preggers in that style dress except maybe Cidell. ;) Really, truly, I look about six to eight months along in that style. Scrap it, go with something with a normal waist and funk it up! :)

cidell said...

No, no. I look pregnant in those too. But, I chose not to care so I can be trendy and in style. Mmmmhmm. Form over function I say!

But, seriously, that's one good reason to use the less expensive fabrics. You can sort of the styles that work for you.

Actaully, there is a GAP sweater very much like that that two people told me not to buy. They said I would look pregnant or fat. And I do. But, I bought it anyway.

Anonymous said...

I have this same pattern but haven't worked on it. Perhaps, taking out a bit of the width of the skirt would help?