Sunday, January 13, 2008


Being in Canada, the pattern sales are rather scarce. Especially the really cheap, 99c ones - I'm quite sure those don't exist here.

So, when I heard about Joann's Simplicity sale this week, I wrote to a friend in the US who is visiting next week, and pleaded for patterns. He's a guy who's never been to Joann's, so, I gave him detail, sizes, numbers, etc.

Like so...

I need:

4135 - size H5
3533 - size H5
2999 - size H5
3997 - size K5
3678 - size K5
3835 - size D5
4014 - size AA
4045 - size H5
3750 - size K5
4076 - size K5
3566 - size K5

Detailed, right? Sizes, everything?

Yeah, not. I forgot to tell him what pattern company. He called me from the store, but I didn't hear the phone ring. Crap!

I am an idiot. Now I need to bribe him to go back.

(I'm still laughing at the image of him wandering around the pattern section at Joann. Does that make me a bad person?)

My top is done. It fits well and I'm really pleased with the way it came out, even if it makes me look pregnant. I need to take a pic...


Chicago Sarah said...

Oh man...that stinks. Check out the Hancock Fabric website and I'll get them for you tomorrow if you can email me by 10a. Truly. I would be happy to mail some pattern love up to Canada!

cidell said...

Oh Reethi! I, like Sarah am happy to pick up for you and send. With that many patterns it would be work the $10 to mail.

I must say the thought of him running around in there is pretty amusing....