Friday, January 25, 2008

Sewing - with a plan.

I don't want to call it a SWAP - because that would imply too much planning, which, quite honestly, I don't do.

However, ever since I saw this post at Carolyn's - the idea of cluster sewing has been simmering in the back of my head. 3 tops - 2 bottoms - I can do that.

So, here's what I'm thinking of making.

The Winter Collection - clothes to wear in order to go out for dinner and drinks.

1. Simplicity 3838

I want to make the view with the long sleeves. Some kind of print - I need to mull what I have in the fabric stash for this.

2. Simplicity 4020

I made this already in a pink striped sweater knit - though I'm mulling on whether I want to keep it, or throw it away. (I'll take photos, but the problem is that its a very thin sweater knit, and you can sort of see my belly button through the fabric. I'm a woman in her 30s, is this appropriate?)

If I do decide to wad it - I'll make it again, in some kind of colorful printed knit, or in a solid black.

3. BWOF 9-2007-101

I have a black and gray animal print fabric that I think I have just enough of...

4. Simplicity 4135

Pants! No shortage of courage here. I have a dark gray wool for this one. (I'd like to try a BWOF for this, but since I've never made pants before, I might want pictures. Hence, the Simplicity.)

5. Some kind of skirt. Potential candidates are Simplicity 4036 (as close to a TNT pattern for me) or Simplicity 3962.


I'll make this in a black wool.

So, some color in the tops and black and gray bottoms should make the 11 combinations possible. I'd like (optimistic here) to get this done by the end of February - so I'll still get some winter mileage out of it. Most of the patterns I've picked are really easy, in fact, the only one I'm a bit nervous about is the skirt - so, perhaps this is do-able.

I'm off to trace the BWOF...

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Chicago Sarah said...

Pants. Wow. You are fearless! I've made that first skirt pattern and it was super'll do fine, pants-sewing-woman! Re: bellybutton, I wouldn't say wear it to work, but if you are going out, why not? If it bothers you, you could wear a sheer cami underneath...