Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cidell and Sarah, thanks so much for offering to get me some patterns. You are too nice!

I did, however, manage to nag/cajole/persuade/whine and make my friend go back to Joanns. Here he is, in Wisconsin for the NFC game - detouring to go to Joanns for me. (Yes, I'm pretty spoiled.)

That look on his face is purely for me. The caption that accompanied the photo on Facebook said -

Packers fan loves spending game weekends finding sewing patterns. Thanks Reethi.

Umm. Yeah. I freely admit I'm spoiled.

(Ok, bonus picture, cause it was soo funny to see my never-been-to-Joanns friend root through a pattern drawer.)


Anonymous said...

That is one very nice man.

cidell said...

That, is a good friend. The photos are priceless!

Ariane said...

I agree with Cidell! Those photos are priceless.