Saturday, March 29, 2008

BWOF 02-2008-123 & a muslin of Butterick 4985

Inspired by Christina's top, and deciding that Burda World of Fashion is not sewing room decoration, I made a version of BWOF 02-2008-123.

I'm so happy with this shirt! My fabric was a Fabricland remnant that cost less than $2.50. I think I had just under a meter? Anyway. Loving this shirt! Loving!

For those keeping count, that was 3 projects in a row that I loved. Had to jinx it, I guess. While in Fabricland, (in what is almost a daily pilgrimage, since its 3 minutes from my house) I found Butterick 4985 in the sale bin. I squealed a bit in excitement, and then snatched it up.

And bleah. How much do I hate this shirt - let me count the ways.
I think it makes my torso look really broad, the sleeves are way too puffy, it doesn't fit well, just all around not-my-favorite.

On the good side, I learned a ton with this shirt. First time ever with a collar and a collar stand (which came out really quite well, I think). Second time with the buttonholes. First time ever sewing buttons on with my sewing machine (I have a button foot that came with my sewing machine, I took it out and used it.)

This pattern, I made a size 10 in the top part, 12 in the bottom. Next time around, I'll make a 10 for half of the bottom portion, since it doesn't fit super-well under my bust. Also, the bottom part has 6 pieces, so, I won't use a striped fabric, since its near impossible to match lines. And I'll definitely do something about the sleeves, sheesh.


Dawn said...

I had lots of shoulder issues with that Butterick pattern too. I altered them quite a bit so they weren't so puffy. Cute Burda top!

christina said...

Maybe you just have a good post but your Butterick top doesn't look that bad! At least you learned a lot from it. That's certainly worth the experience.

j said...

the stripes all line up, though- nice work!

Chicago Sarah said...

er, nice work from Sarah. "someone" was logged in on my computer!

Valerie said...

Hello, I really enjoyed my visit with you. Thanks for sharing.

AllisonC said...

Oh 4985 is one of my favourite top patterns, but I must admit I have never made it with the puffy sleeves. I think yours looks pretty good actually, though perhaps I am biased. PS please check my blog, you have a Patrones coming your way!