Thursday, March 27, 2008

In which I catch up on my comments, etc.

I had 7! comments on the St. Patty's day dress. Thank you! 7, wow! I feel almost famous. In a good, non-paparazzi way.

So, copying Cidell (and probably everyone else) I'm going to do a comment round-up, since I'm a bit shy about writing back to people who leave me comments.

Tany! & Christina! both left me comments, which honestly has me blushing a bit. These people are sewing super-stars! Their clothes and their blogs were a big part of the inspiration to get sewing. I'm flattered beyond belief.

Cidell said you should have friends that tell you stuff. So true. Especially since I'm still figuring out what sewing style works for my body, how to get stuff to fit me right, etc. (The blog community would do that, I'm sure, but I'm vain and will only post relatively flattering shots here.)

Sarah kindly commented that quilts should look hand-made, that makes them special. Grin. This one looked very special, then. (I've bought a new walking foot, so I'm curious to see if it was my fault, or the fault of the walking foot.)

Dawn tagged me for the random things. Will do. She's also just completed her entry for the wardrobe contest at PR, and, wow! I'm impressed and envious.

Sew Shy asked how I was managing without the beer. Well, I'm off the Joshi thing now, but when I was on it, after the first week, I didn't really miss anything very much. Also, though I do love beer, for me, its more about frequency and social interaction than how much I drink. I'm a total light-weight, so can't really drink much more than 2-3 pints without becoming sleepy and silly.

Gold lives in Michigan. I miss Michigan. Especially the $2 Bell tap at the Tap Room in Ypsi. (Umm, beer reference again. Hmm.)

Kristy has 587 patterns! I'm so envious.

If I missed someone, sorry! I read and love and treasure every comment, I'm just shy about writing back.

Up next: A couple of posts are in the works. A few posts have gotten me thinking - one is Carolyn's post on what to do with fabric scraps I save every piece of fabric over an inch (I'm not joking.) In January, I actually made a crazy quilt out of some of them. Need to take pictures and share.

Also, Cidell had a great post on telling people about your sewing. I was going to leave a comment, but realized I had paragraphs to write on this. So, that's in the offing.

More interestingly, project-wise, is a review of BWOF 02-2008-123. Great, quick, easy top. And, I'm finally using the BWOFs I buy as more than just eye-candy.

The next sewing project is, I think, this blouse-jacket - BWOF 03-2008-117. I'm making it in a yellow. However, this sewing project will be delayed for a while, as I've been volunteered into quilting a king-size quilt that my mom is giving her friend for her birthday. (She called it a labor of love. I quipped that she loved, I labored. Nonetheless. I have been volunteered.)


christina said...

That blouse/jacket is one of my faves in the March issue. Make it!

Dawn said...

Oh fun! That is the next Burda I'm going to work on too! I have to downsize it two sizes so it may take me a while as well, lol.