Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The green dress is half done...

Clearly, not in time for St. Patrick's Day though.

One of the things that intervened was this quick lap quilt. My mom had a housewarming to go to, and she was in the store looking for something to buy. I'm in a buy-less, lower-impact-on-environment, use-what-you-have mode, so I offered to help make a quick lap quilt from the entirely-too-large stash.

(That's my mom in the center.)

The Rail Fence quilt is super easy to put together (my mom did the hard work there, mostly) and I quilted the damn thing. I really hate quilting. I think its because my walking foot - a $10 generic, fit-any-damn-machine foot really sucks. My quilts always end up distorted and all crinkly (not in a cute way, crinkly in a bad, ugly, lumpy way).

Anyway - 3 hours or so to make the top, another 3 odd hours to quilt up, makes me wish we just bought a present. Still, the gift was super appreciated, I believe, and hey, the stash is just a bit lighter.

The back. The lower end is the one that came out all crappy.

The dress - most of it is done - I still have to cut out and attach the lining, widen the hips just a half inch or so, attach the collar and the upper facings, finish the slit, and hem. I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to bag the lining on this one, since I don't want to hem. Also, I'd like to avoid hand-sewing the lining to the zipper. I'm trying to work this out - in the end, I might still end up doing it the BWOF way.

Surprise, surprise, though, so far, the instructions are fairly clear! I'm not sure if its because I'm used to them, or if these are just clear instructions, but so far, I've had very few head-scratching moments. (And now, I've jinxed it - its going to be incomprehensible from this point forward.)

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Chicago Sarah said...

Hey- that quilt looks awesome. What's the point of giving someone a _perfect_ quilt? Things that look a little homemade are better, I think (except clothing).