Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Old sewing - my first ever BWOF project

Today, I dug up a dress I'd made sometime in September/October. I made BWOF 09-2007-121 then, my first ever BWOF project, after seeing and loving Cidell's version. It took a little work (and some ripping) to trace and make my dress, but I thought it was worth it.

I really didn't wear it though, because of the back view - I thought the pleats in the butt stuck out funny, and I wanted to fix it.

Then a really good friend came into town, saw me wearing the dress, and told me, kindly, that it kind of made me look pregnant. (I have a tummy - my mom thinks its a beer gut. Hee hee. I don't care, I love me some beer) So, the dress got shoved to the back of my closet.

But since I've lost some weight with the Joshi's Holistic Detox thingy, I tried this dress on again, and OMG!!! I actually look kind of good. At the very least, not pregnant. Sweet!!!

Now, the detox has been a huge pain in the ass. I've had to give up - you name it, I've had to give it up. I've given up wheat, yeast, any kind of alcohol, any kind of processed food, coffee, sugar, potatoes, dairy and a whole lot more. In its place, I've been eating a lentil-rich, greens-rich, low-carb diet.

Seriously though, trying on this dress - all worth-while. (And the back pleats don't even look that funny anymore...)


Chicago Sarah said...

You look good. not in the oh you're glowing-preggers way either. ;)

cidell said...

"I love me some beer" classic. You look terrific! Yay!! and we all need friends to tell us these things at times.

Dawn said...

Love that dress!

Sew Shy said...

You look awesome in the dress, Reethi! Great job on the weight loss too. How are you managing without your beer?

gold said...

Awesome dress!!