Sunday, March 09, 2008

I've an outfit!

I think this is the first time I've made a top and a bottom, and actually worn them together. Woo hoo! I'm very pleased with myself.

Without further ado, the pictures.

The top is Simplicity 4076. The pants are Simplicity 4135.

Simplicity 4076 is going to become a favorite pattern of mine, I can tell. I love this t-shirt. Its pretty, its simple, I can wear it over jeans, and its cuter than just a plain t-shirt. The fabric was a remnant I found at Fabricland for a $1.25. Woo hoo! It worked well as a muslin. (Its just a tiny bit too short, I'd prefer it to be an inch longer. Can fix that easily next time.)

I also really like the pants, though they might be just a little baggy? This is my second muslin - the first was a bit tight, this one's a bit loose, so maybe the third will be just right? (I feel like Goldilocks & the Three Bears right now.) Still, this is a wearable muslin, which makes me happy. The fabric was a Goodwill find, maybe $2?

Woo hoo for me.

SWAP info: I've thought about this over the past two days, and I've decided to pass on the swap. I do believe I can sew everything up in time, though it is an aggressive goal. I also really, really like the pieces I'd wanted to sew.

But, when it came down to it, I really, really want to sew from stash, and with this wardrobe, I'd have to buy the white fabric, and yellow fabric, both for the blouse and the jacket.

My stash has grown incredibly the last few months, and there's a ton of things I want to sew from it. This SWAP, while really calling to me, will be a distraction. I sew a lot anyway, I don't need a SWAP to motivate me to sew.

I will save the images anyway. Spring in Toronto doesn't really set in till May? So, perhaps, if I'm incredibly productive sewing-wise in March and April, I'll buy some fabric and get to this in May. Also, there's a mini-wardrobe contest coming up sometime later this year on PR, so maybe that will be when I do this.

Up next - sewing wise.

I'm going out drinking on St. Patrick's Day, of course. I'm wondering if I can make myself something green. I'd really like to wear a dress, but Toronto weather might hastily put that to rest. If it is nice enough to wear a dress, there's a couple of BWOF dresses I've been meaning to make for the longest time.

BWOF 09-2007-117 - see Cidell's, Christina's & other versions!

Or BWOF 10-2007-105 - some great versions of this...

Then again, we might be buried in a meter of snow (again!) in Toronto, so perhaps, I'll just make a t-shirt, and wear it with jeans.

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cidell said...

The first dress can be worn with a turtleneck. That's what I did after seeing Laura Lo's version. I've never been out drinking on St. Patty's day. Probably because I hate Irish bars. Sigh. I know. But, they sing songs I don't know and serve beer I don't like!

Great outfit btw :)