Saturday, May 31, 2008

And, I give up!

In case anyone's wondering what happened to my mini-wardrobe for the mini-wardrobe contest, this photo was taken 3 minutes ago.

And a close-up of the raw edge.

I suck at finishing armholes, so I want to take my time and not rush it. Plus, finish armhole - write 4 reviews - take photos - enter contest - I couldn't do all of that in 20 minutes. Even I knew that. (I inherit a streak of craziness from BOTH my parents that often makes me think I can do way more than I actually can. Then, I'll run around like a chicken with its head cut off.)

So, I give up. This is shaping up to be a super-nice top, and I'll finish it tomorrow.

1 comment:

Chicago Sarah said...

Woah. You've made some amazing clothes this month, go easy on yourself! Can you show some detail of the front of the blouse? It's really lovely.