Monday, September 15, 2008

Sewing review - McCalls 4826

Would you believe, I finished this more than a month back? I've been waiting for someone to come take a picture - I'm tired of the ones I take myself.

(I need to comb my hair.)

In my stash, I had the perfect fabric for this pattern. This pink & white striped seersucker just screamed Swiss Milkmaid! Summer! And so, I started making this dress.

I couldn't find a review that said this, but I must have a faulty pattern or something. The back skirt pattern piece was twice as wide as the front. When gathering the skirt to attach onto the bodice, it looked like I was wearing a bustle. And I have hips. Not a good look for me.

So, I ripped. (Of course.) Adjusted both the midriff piece to be shorter, and the skirt to be way less full. (If I make it again, I think I'll just use the front skirt pattern piece for both front and back.) Finished the dress, still wasn't loving it. Put it away. Tried it on a few weeks later, and loved it. Which is actually quite reassuring - since it means some of my UFOs might actually be worth finishing.

I didn't really look too much at the instructions, but I wish I had. The bodice is lined, and I should have made it so my zipper was enclosed between lining and bodice, versus right now, where its stitched on on top. Also different for me, this project - I didn't have an invisible zipper handy, so I used a regular zipper. It lies more or less flat, but it isn't perfect. Ah well.

But the dress is pretty. Toronto's rapidly transitioning to fall, so I won't get much (or any) use out of it this year. But I certainly have a jump on next summer!

Let me see - boring details - I made a size 10. To adjust for the petite thing, I just took off 2 inches at the midriff piece, didn't touch the bodice. (Except for putting the buttons in the halter where it fit me, not at the marked point.) And I shortened the skirt to just around knee-length, which is about the length I like.

Would I make this again? Probably not - my sewing list is large, and I need to go find a bra that will work with a halter top. However, I would recommend it, with the above caveat about the back skirt piece.


Chicago Sarah said...

Super cute! Wishing you some late summer warm days to show it off...

Summerset said...

I'm catching up on commenting here, so sorry about the late reply! I think it's cute - bring it out next spring and give it another try!