Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I do sew...

But my camera's batteries are dead (note to self - buy new camera batteries, sheesh!), so all I have to share are more quilting photos, from Sunday.

Like I've said before, my parents are leaving for a trip to India tomorrow, and my mom's been making quilt tops pretty frantically in order to get them quilted in India (where it is cheap to get quilt tops quilted.)

This last Sunday and the Sunday before, I helped her with this quilt. And by helped, I mean, cut most of the squares, piece 28 of the 81 squares, cut the border, layout the squares into quilt form, and attach the squares into rows. My mom owes me!

Inspiration was the quilt on the cover of Kaffe Fassett's Quilts in the Sun: 20 Designs from Rowan for Patchwork and Quilting. This is a perfect go-to pattern if you want to make a king-size quilt top in a few days.

The quilt uses some of my stash of Nigerian fabric. (My mom really owes me, I parted with my fabric, kicking and screaming.) This is a housewarming present from my parents to one of their friends. (Note the degrees of separation here.) Ah well. My parents are going to India, so for the next 5 weeks, there'll be none of this forced labor. Grin.


Christina said...

I can't believe how inexpensive it is to get stuff quilted in India. Is your mom going to ship them back? I imagine they'd all take up a few suitcases :) Very nice quilt, by the way!

Sew Shy said...

I love the squares of batik/tie&dye you put in there! Sorry you had to part with your fabric from Nigeria o! Don't worry, if you want more I can grab you some when I go visit in the later half of next year. Anyway, I digress - great quilt!