Saturday, December 06, 2008

Endless Combinations - piece 2

The second piece - Simplicity 5914

More stash sewing! Both the pattern and fabric were part of the stash. I have no idea when I bought the pattern, but the fabric was bought last winter at my local Fabricland. Remnant bin find - $1.60. The only thing I bought for this project was a zipper.

I made a size 12, which is a tiny bit snug (though I might have also made a sewing error, and switched the side panels around). Its wearable though.

One change I made - I fully lined the skirt, as it is meant for winter, plus the wool/wool blend will make me itch otherwise (not a professional look.) To make the lining, I used the pattern pieces minus the width of the facing, and attached the facing to the lining.

I was surprised at how much the skirt flares out - I didn't get that from the pattern picture. Also, I thought I'd love this skirt - I have a RTW skirt that's very similar, and I wear it near constantly. But, I really don't. I like it well enough though, and it will get worn.

And, endless combinations piece 1 & 2 together...


Anonymous said...

I think this outfit looks very attractive on you.


Chicago Sarah said...

Those two look great together! I wonder if you might grow the love the skirt more with time...? It's really cute. I've got to tackle lined skirts this winter.

Summerset said...

I like it a lot on you! The skirt and top work very well together and the skirt is a nice shape - it shows off your great legs.