Monday, December 08, 2008

Pay it forward

Gwen, of After the Dress, posted this - and I was one of the first three commenters.

She is going to send me something hand-crafted during the next 365 days. Yay!

So, passing this on, I'm posting the same offer on my blog. I will send out something handmade to the first three commenters on this post - sometime within the next year. If you want to play along, you need to be willing to make the same offer on your blog.

Like Gwen, I don't have any ideas what type of something I'll make, so I'm open to suggestions! I've actually made a lot of crafty things and even posted them here in the past, so it might help...


elbereth said...

I really love this idea! I've been thinking of my own sewing blog for awhile. I'm hoping to gain from the comments and encouragement of the great group of online sewers. This post really gave me reason as I enjoy seeing your projects. I just got it going again at
May I please participate in your Pay it Forward? I crochet, sew, and try most everything crafty and would love to pass it on in the blog I've created. Regardless, I enjoy your blog and look forward to 2009 projects!

Just Me said...

Hi there,
I would like to participate as well. Pay it forward is such a neat idea. I have already a ton of ideas swirling around in my head. I have just started a blog ( and I haven't gotten in to a routine of posting something regularly. Maybe this will help me :-)