Friday, December 12, 2008

Ramblings, WIP, etc

To solve my knit hem problem, I went to my local sewing store at lunch (I do realize how spoiled I am - a sewing machine/notions store is 2 minutes away from my workplace...) I asked for and bought the right needles for knits, while describing my problem to the lady at the counter, who told me I needed to be using a blind hem stitch for the knits. So, I ponied up for a blind hem foot as well. We'll see... I think it might be worth my while to practice first, but I view practice the same way I view muslins - what's the point, really? (Yes, yes, I know what the point is. But, I lack the work ethic. I'm working on it.)

Like I said in a previous post, I'm now making a jacket (the jacket above, actually.) (After you fail at sewing a simple cardigan, what do you take up next? A lined jacket, of course.) I'm trying to go very slowly, in a desire to avoid messing up. Sewing it in a grey wool-like fabric that's unravels like the devil, which makes me grateful its fully lined.

So far, I've made up the jacket body, set in the sleeves and basted the collar on. I've a stream of holiday related activities this weekend, which means I'll have limited sewing time. But the plan is to cut out the lining,(Ann has a great post on why you should do the lining first, which I unfortunately read too late...) and finish the jacket up over the weekend. (Umm. Wish me luck.)

I still have more of the grey fabric, which I wanted to make a pair of pants with. Tany's lastest pair of pants provided the best inspiration, so maybe that pattern?


Summerset said...

Good for you for giving a jacket a try. You will learn so much more if you just take a deep breath and dive in. Working in small increments is better, too, as you can focus on each step thoroughly.

Chicago Sarah said...

I'm with you on the muslin/practice thing. :) Which is why I make some spectacular wadders, but anyway. Can't wait to see the jacket!