Saturday, December 13, 2008

Free to a good home...

I just finished organizing all my patterns - they were starting to take over my apartment! (I also realized I have far too many patterns - no surprise there...)

Which means I've the following stack of patterns to offer - either duplicates or things I'll never make. I'll ship anywhere, but to minimize the hassle, please take a complete set, not just one.

Set 1 - Women's. (Duplicates, patterns are uncut)

Size K5 8-16

Size AAX 4-10

Set 2 - Kids (I thought I was going to sew for a friend's baby, then I realized I don't like to sew for other people... Too much work!)

Child 3-6

All sizes

All sizes (This one, I have opened, but I traced the pattern out, so it is still uncut)

So, if you want them, send me an email at reethij at gmail dot com or leave me a comment with some way to get in touch with you...

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Just Me said...

Good Morning,
do you still have the patterns? I would like to get the dresses as well as the children's patterns. I will of course pay you for it :-) Please just let me know. My email address is
Thanks and Merry Christmas