Tuesday, December 16, 2008

While my batteries are charging, yet again...

Umm. I really need to buy new batteries. Or a new charger. Or both.

Last week, right after the cardigan from hell, I made myself a consolation prize - the quick & easy Butterick 4987 (now OOP).

(Note to self - next time, wear with a bra that is not blue. Although it was covered by a cardigan for the entire evening.)

Inspiration - Erica's fantastic version of this, way back from May. I bought the pattern shortly after seeing her version, and it has sat in my pattern stash ever since...

Fabric - a piece of print fabric bought at a thrift store. I loved the vintage feel of this print. I think I paid less than 50c for this. (I really miss that thrift store, it was in Michigan. Sigh.)

Instructions - worked well. I used them, since I had no idea how the ruffle actually worked. These instructions were clear and did the job.

Process - I cut a straight size 10, and took 2 inches off in the torso area. (The ruffle piece also has helpful lines where you are supposed to shorten, which made this a lot easier - without it I wouldn't have known where to shorten.)

This didn't take 2 hours to sew, although I did finish it in one evening.

Also, because I was trying to make this work with the fabric I had, rules about grain went out the window - the front piece was cut any which way to make it work. (The front piece, not the ruffle. That I cut as recommended, since I thought part of the fluidity of the ruffle would come from the bias.) My back facings are also from lining cloth - more of that make it work philosophy.

And in conclusion: Oh, how I love this top! I really, really, really love it. I think it looks super flattering on me, and I love that something that's so easy to sew looks so good. I wore it out the next day, despite the fact that it is freezing in Toronto.

Apologies for the crappy photo with no detail - this was an action shot, taken when I wore it out. I'll take better photos that show detail when the camera is back in commission.

(How I wore it most of the evening - under a black cardigan)


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What a gorgeous top! Well done Reethi!