Sunday, January 25, 2009

40 & 40 in 60

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I'm not a tidy person. In fact, I'm quite possibly the world's messiest person. And, I'm an incredible pack rat.

One of my resolutions this year, (as it is nearly every year) is to try to be neater/tidier. To try to do that, I've been doing this thing most of January I call 40 in 40. (Or 15 in 15, or any number in same number.)

Basically, I put away 40 things in 40 minutes.

I really like this, it gives me a sense of accomplishment, and as long as I don't mess up more than 40 things a day, I'm actually making improvement. Eventually, I'll get to that clean apartment.

Now, since I avoid cleaning and tidying like the plague, I count magazines as individual items. Those 10 Burdas that are on my bed, for nighttime browsing? 10 items. I'm looking for quick wins.

That's the basic 40 in 40.

Adding a twist is the de-cluttering portion, which I did today. Basically, it went - put 40 things away, and find 40 things to get rid of in 60 minutes.

Obviously, I'd rather tidy than throw away things, because while I easily put away 40 things, when it came to stuff for Goodwill or whatever, I had 16. I need to work harder at this.

Anyway, feel free to adopt that method, if it helps. Oh, and I always appreciate tips/tricks when it comes to cleaning. Trust me, I'm hopeless.

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Kath said...

I too struggle with clutter. Have you looked at While I don't follow everything she says (although if I did, I probably wouldn't still be in this mess), she does have a lot of useful advice.

Gwen said...

This is a neat idea. I'm not quite ready to do anything beyond complain about my clutter yet, but someday, when I'm ready to take action, I'll remember this! Thanks! :)