Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sewing pattern review - BWOF 12-2008-113/114

I'm at my parents this weekend, along with Biscuit, as my cousin is visiting. They have a lot of floor space, which is great for tracing BWOF patterns.

Not a lot of tracing got done, between hanging out with family, and preventing Biscuit from walking on the pattern sheets. However, I did manage to trace out and sew BWOF 12_2008_113/114.

Way back in the time tunnel, when I made this dress, I had enough of the fabric left over to do something, except I didn't know what. Since my new goal is to use stuff up, I pulled it back out, and made this top from it. I keep calling it 113/114 since it is a hybrid - it has the length of the top, but the shorter sleeves of the dress (all I had fabric for.)

Since I had a dress with the same fabric, and its pretty distinctive, I made this top for my mom. We are about the same size for shirts, so I just fit it to me, and it also works on my mom. Nice! (Plus, I can borrow it from her.)

Fabric: Fabricland - remnant from the dress. It was about $5 a meter (finally, real money!) I had about 3/4 of a meter for this, so about $4.

Pattern: BWOF 12-2008-113/114.

Pattern adjustments: I cut a size 38, my standard BWOF top size. Omitted the hem allowance, as well as took 1.5 inches off the length above the waist, to petite-size it.

Cost: Fabric - $4. Pattern, $11, since I've made NOTHING else from this BWOF, (or for that matter, all the BWOFs since September.) I also need to apply the "use it or lose it" principle to the magazines. Total $15. Finally, a number more than $5.

Time taken:
Not long at all. 2 hours to sew, about an hour to trace. (Half of which was spent playing with Biscuit.)

Good things:
Yes, I said I'd give this to my mom, and yes, I will, but I think this top looks amazing on me. I love it! I'm definitely going to make more, and quickly. It hides the extra pounds without looking like it is trying to. Love!

Bad things:
I'm giving it to my mom. Ah well. Atleast I'm being nice.

Gratuitous cat shots: Sorry, can't resist. Biscuit wanted to join the photo shoot. She doesn't really like being picked up, and yet she's picked up all the time, she's too cute to resist.


Anonymous said...

u cat choker

Summerset said...

Cute top!

elbereth said...

oh that bottom pic is just the cutest! biscuit looks irresistable just as you say.

Isabelle said...

Biscuit is so cute! I see you have a silver tabby, too. They are *rare*, and precious!!

Isabelle said...

Forgot to say, but your top is cute as well :)

Gwen said...

The top is very cute! And Biscuit looks absolutely irresistible!