Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm going to have to wake up early tomorrow morning... finish up my recycle/reconstruction entry for the PR contest... All I've done so far is cut it out. Good news - it is Simplicity 4036, which goes together very quickly.

It feels very Anthropologie, which I like, but since it is thin cotton from India, it is also spring/summer wear. And it is most certainly not spring/summer here. I need to start sewing winter clothes. (I'm wearing the same set of 3 lined pants pretty much all the time, so it is definitely time to make some lined pants.)

Some great entries in this contest so far. Trena's hat blew me away, Dawn made a really cute top, and I'm in awe at this coat.

I don't need an alarm though, to wake up early. Biscuit is the most effective alarm clock - she jumps on my tummy at 5.30am, and yells at me till I pet her. Once I wake up, of course, she wants nothing more to do with me. Spoilt little monkey! (My parents, who struggled to wake me up for school for at least 12 years think this is the funniest thing in the world.)

I'm glad its Friday! Last week at work was very busy, this week has been super-slow. Super-slow weeks are very frustrating for me, and I much prefer them fast-paced.

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