Sunday, February 01, 2009

A day late...

And a dollar short. Ah well. I was in seriously cranky zone yesterday, and though I did finish the recycle skirt, I wasn't in any mood for pictures.

So, let's document the project.

The before - 2 pillowcases, bought in India, both too small for North American pillows. But with the prettiest print...

In-between - All ripped out, waiting to be cut.

And the end result - this pretty, Anthropologie-like skirt (using Simplicity 4036).

A few technical details:

1. There is a center front seam in this skirt, to take advantage of the border. Also a center back seam, since the fabric wasn't wide enough to cut on a fold. However, my zipper is set into a side seam, since I think back zippers are stupid.

2. I wanted to keep the full border at the hem, so the sides are a fair bit longer than the center. It doesn't look visibly uneven, and therefore works, but a skirt with a flatter hem might have worked better.

And the entries of the people that actually finish contests in time are here.


cidell said...

Gorgeous! I'm sorry you didn't make the contest in time!

Summerset said...

I love it! That print is marvelous - I love those sorts of prints and paisleys, too. Great use of a linen that you couldn't use here.

Gwen said...

Love it! What a great job you did arranging the print! :)