Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sewing pattern review - Simplicity 4036

As promised, photos of the red suede skirt. And a full review, since I've evidently never reviewed this, despite this being my go-to A-line skirt pattern.

The inspiration for this skirt really came from this post.
I loved the entire look, and was determined to replicate it. (Which I did to dinner last night.)

Thrift store. I think I bought this in my bag-making days, to try to make a handbag. That obviously didn't happen, which was great, since I wanted to make a red skirt... Paid $1? $2? This skirt is fully lined - lining fabric, $0.50 a meter when a local store was getting rid of its apparel fabric line.

Pattern: Simplicity 4036 - now OOP. I've used this pattern before, tons of times. In fact, this was the first pattern I used when I started to sew, way back in June/July 2007. Still using it, which indicates how much I love it.

Pattern adjustments: I cut a size 12, my standard bottom size. (Its a bit snug, indicating its time to go see what that 'gym/exercise' thing is, that people keep talking about.)

Apart from length adjustments, the other thing I do with this pattern is set my zipper at the side seam, and cut the center back on the fold (subtracting 5/8" for the seam allowance.)

Also, for this pattern, when lining, I omit the facings, cut the front & back pieces with lining, and understitch the lining similar to the way I'd understitch the facing. Since I hate (irrationally) facings, this works very well.

Notions: One invisible zipper.

Fabric - $2.50. Pattern, $2, though I've used it enough times that realistically this should be 40c (or less.) Zipper - $1. - In all, $5.50. (The joy of sewing from stash, as well as making a really cool, fun skirt? Priceless.

Time taken:
Not long. I do my sewing in spurts, so it is hard to track. Around 2-3 hours.

Good things:

Its a red skirt! How cool! It fits well, works as both a work skirt as well as a going out skirt, depending on how I accessorize, and my harshest critic (the youngest brother) approved.

Bad things:
See above comment about losing weight. Also, one of my back darts is a tiny bit wonky. I never tuck in, so it doesn't matter. Besides, only a fellow sewist would even notice.

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Summerset said...

Cute! I love the fabric and that it is red. Great style for you, too.