Tuesday, February 03, 2009

January sewing recap

(Shamelessly copying Carolyn.)

I do love the end of year recaps people do, but I'm never too organized to remember what I've sewn - and when I saw Carolyn's monthly recap, a light bulb went off in my head! 12 Monthly recaps = 1 Yearly recap. Awesome.

(Pictures to follow, for those without, when I get home. Did I mention work is slow? Work is very slow. Thankfully, things will pick up next week.)

- Three quilt tops got made - this red one, this pink one and this green one. None of them got quilted though.

- Four (or five, depending on how you count the twin-set) tops got made, three for me, one for my mom. The red paisley, the black, the twin-set and my mom's BWOF. I'm also very happy to say that all of them got worn to work. (Well, except my mom's top, but she's worn that out too, so she must like it.)

- Three skirts got made. (And one UFO has been created - go buy that damn zipper already, Reethi!) The red suede skirt has been worn, the other two I'm saving for spring. (Thin cotton + no lining? Not for winter.)

- Three UFOs got finished. One blue knit top, which needed hemming, one pair of pants (needs a photo), which also needed hemming. And one brown t-shirt, pictured above, which needed the arm-holes finished. The blue knit top has been worn. I'm trying to figure out how much I'll wear the others. (The top above? Some weird armhole pulling, and serious bunching in the back. Maybe under a jacket, where all of those flaws will be hidden.)

So, grand conclusion? I completed 13 projects this month, and added 9 pieces to the wardrobe. I did go through the wardrobe and pull a bag of stuff I don't wear for the Salvation Army, so clutter was kept to a minimum. However, any month in which I sew 13 things is a month I didn't do a lot other stuff in (like, say, going out). Winter does make me hibernate, but this is somewhat ridiculous.

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Chicago Sarah said...

Impressive! I looked at Carolyn recap with admiration, too, but can't post about it because...I've done nothing.