Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Sewing review - BWOF 11-2008-103 B

Finally, some consistent BWOF sewing. I've used November and December. If only I make something out of January, I'll be sort of in the game.

When at my parents a few weeks ago, I traced out BWOF 11-2008-103B. It finally got sewn up over the last week. (The big delay? Adding seam allowances to the tracing. I swear I sat at that step for over 3 weeks. When I finally got to it, it took 10 minutes while watching tv.)

Fabric: Fields Fabrics, in Kalamazoo, over Christmas. What fun I had at that store! (And how much money I spent!) I bought 1.5 yards of this red knit fabric, paying about $4.50 a yard, so about $7 (which is $8 or something in Canadian dollars, but I'm not that technical on this blog.) I'm hoping I have enough left of the fabric to squeeze something else out of, even if it is very tiny.

Pattern: BWOF 11-2008-103B.

Pattern adjustments: I cut a size 38, my standard BWOF top size.

- Omitted the hem allowance, as well as took 1.0 inches on the lower front piece, and the back piece, in the torso area, to petite-size it.

- Omitted the shoulder seam allowance, since this pattern runs very low.

- Finally, I changed the sewing order, as detailed below, to raise the neckline. (Allison did it by raising shoulder seams, but I am petite, and I would have had to raise it even further, hence my method.)

1. Finished the back neckline, as detailed in the instructions.
2. Joined the back shoulders with the front shoulders. Did not finish the neck at this stage.
3. Joined the center seam of the upper front pieces about an inch, to raise the neckline.
4. Attached the lower front piece (with band) to the upper front pieces.
5. Finished the unfinished portion of the front neckline, not by turning under and sewing, but by using bias tape (same as for the back piece.) I was afraid the front, which is on the bias at that point, would stretch out of shape, this way, there is still a tiny bit, but it is very minimal.
6. Finished rest of shirt (I also set the sleeves in flat, as I do with all knit sleeves.)

Cost: Fabric - $7. Pattern, $11, since I've made nothing else from this BWOF. Total $17.

Time taken: I sewed this sporadically over three evenings, an hour here and an hour there. This is a 2 dot pattern, it is easy to sew and there's nothing complicated about it.

Good things:
It fits really well! Plus, I love how bright this print is, and the new, better and more modest neckline.

Bad things: One side of the neckline doesn't lay flat. It isn't super obvious (you can see it in the picture, however.) My parents think that only I'd notice something like that.

Conclusion: I finished it last night, and I wore it to work & out after today, so its safe to say I really like it.


anuradha said...

It looks GREAT,fits perfectly too!

Chicago Sarah said...

Beautiful! The neckline isn't obvious from the picture- I thought it was the way you were standing (normal variant, not freakish).

Summerset said...

Oh, I love this too! Red and roses = love! You've done a great job with it. I just gave up on this one considering the neckline and made it as is. In fact, I'm wearing mine now, with a black turtleneck underneath, of course!

Isabelle said...

What a lovely top! Love the fabric.
As for Biscuit - being a shelter cat makes her even more precious! P'tite Mignonne is a shelter cat as well. They're the best.

elbereth said...

That fabric looks great on you and I'm really impressed with the fit!

Jo Ashcroft said...

What a great top! I love the roses pattern and it really suits you! I have hovered over your blog many times and you have really inspired me.