Monday, May 18, 2009

Sewing review - Simplicity 2896

I've been going through a greens & blues phase - all the fabric I'm attracted to are in these hues... I've three dresses finished that are in this color family (one a disaster, the other two I love) and best of all, I was wearing a green scarf the other day, and some friends told me that green is a really good color on me.

Bringing me to this dress, the dress pattern in Simplicity 2896, my new favorite dress.

Fabric: A remnant from Joann's, bought when I crossed the border to stock up on patterns - 6-8 months ago? About $3, I think, and I have enough left over to also make a top, so I'm very happy.

Simplicity 2896.

Pattern adjustments: I cut a size 10 on top, and a 12 at waist and hip - this is my standard Simplicity size. I took an inch off between bust & waist, and then enough length off so the dress would hit just above my knee. These are pretty standard adjustments on me.

Oh, and I completely left out the back darts - I just forgot, until the dress was almost done. Ah well. Here's a photo of the back - yes, there is some ease there, but I don't think it looks terrible.

And also, I didn't even open the instructions, so I've no thoughts at all on whether they are good or not.

Time taken:
One evening's worth of work, so 3-4 hours. I'm a slow sewer - this is as straight forward as it gets, really, no sleeves, no waistbands, nothing that would slow things down.

Good things: I really like that the pattern has a combined neck & armhole facing - so, no fiddly bias binding. Also, I just love how this dress fits me, it skims rather than hugs my body, so I loved what they did with the sizing and the ease on this pattern.

Bad things: Really, none at all.

Love it! Love it so much, I have already cut out the next version (using this red fabric.)


Sew Shy said...

This is really cute - and simple. I love the fabric too.

Summerset said...

It is cute! Great color and scale of print for you.