Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What I'm working on

After a bunch of work travel (Vancouver, yay!) and other assorted life stuff, I finally had a free evening last night and I was determined to sew.

I'm making a dress that I just can't find on the McCalls website, and I don't remember the pattern number. That's helpful, isn't it? It has a turtleneck, long sleeves, and is semi-fitted. I'm making it with a somewhat-sheer black knit (I thought it was a bit thicker, ah well.)

What I have left - hemming. I hate hemming, and especially hemming a knit. I also have a bit more of fitting and pressing to do, since right now, without a belt, the dress looks like a mu-mu (I made my usual size 10! Sheesh.)

Anyway, some fixing is required.

Tonight, I'm going to try to stand in line for rush tickets to see this concert. Fingers crossed. I really want to see them, but I don't want to pay $45. (Side note: I used to have the world's biggest crush on Zakir Hussain as a kid.)

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anuradha said...

Lucky girl!