Friday, November 20, 2009


- Is there anything more annoying than getting in early for a meeting, to find out it isn't happening?

I am not a morning person, enough said.*

- My plans last night got cancelled, and I was quite relieved. The BWOF grey dress is cut out. I have an hour of spare time today, which I'll use towards this dress. I'm optimistic about getting it finished this weekend.

- I also pulled out the UFO basket. (Ok, if I'm being honest, the UFOs have overflown the basket, and are now threatening to take over the house.) I pulled a jacket out of it that I started in December! Added some buttons to it. It needs 2 more buttons, and then it is done! (It doesn't fit too well, hence the distinct lack of enthusiasm.)

- Cooking is a bit stalled - I'm out of groceries! (I loathe shopping for groceries.) But grocery shopping shall happen tomorrow morning, and cooking shall resume then.

* Funny story about me not being a morning person. I posted on Facebook that I had signed up for a 9.00am Saturday morning class (French, if you are curious) and people that I haven't spoken to in MONTHS wrote asking if I was ok. Evidently, the fact that I am not a morning person is widely known.

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