Monday, November 23, 2009

My first jacket - reviewed.

Here it is - the jacket. This is Simplicity 3962 - view B. Now OOP.

Before I start cataloging all that I hate about it, let me say - I made a tailored jacket. I did a reasonably good job of sewing it (apart from the weird area below). I learned a ton, including how to attach lining. The collar looks well-sewn.

And now, the hate.

- My first big problem: this jacket fits terribly. This is my fault - I know this is why one makes muslins. Had I made a muslin, I would have realized this jacket is too short and too square for me.

- The proportions of this jacket are just off, I think. Too short. Shawl collar - too wide. There's just too much going on, and it all contributes to making me look terrible.

- Shoulders are too wide - I look like a linebacker. I should have narrowed the shoulders by an inch, I think.

- The belt isn't at waist. Lots of resulting puffiness.

(And side view. More puffiness.)

- Look at how low the armsycle is! Honestly, this isn't a winter coat, this is a tailored jacket. Simplicity - I'm sorry, I don't know what you were thinking. This should move up by 3 inches at least.

I took off the jacket after taking photos, and my brother said I looked like I'd lost 10 pounds in the process. Looking at the photos, I agree with him. This is not a flattering look for me.

So, it will never get worn, and will get tossed out immediately, but I've no great regret about it. The lessons here were in the journey of making a jacket. I will try again, but will make a muslin first. (Or BWOF - which I'm reasonably sure will be cut better.)

(I tried to see if it would look better unbuttoned. Not really. Linebacker shoulders still in existence.)


Summerset said...

Well, chalk it up to a learning experience and the next jacket you make will be even better. You now know some of the technical aspects of making a jacket, so that's in your favor for the next one.

concretenprimroses said...

Thank you for sharing this problem garment. Although I've sewn for many years I get easily discouraged when things don't turn out right. Its nice to know that more skilled people have problems too and learn and move on!