Tuesday, December 08, 2009

That noise you hear?

That would be the wrrrr of my sewing machine. I stayed up really late last night finishing up the bodice for my dress. (At 12.30, I decided that if I had any intentions of getting to work before 10, I better get myself to bed.)

I just have to add sleeves & hem band, attach the bodice to the skirt, hem the skirt (this part I'm dreading) and I'm done.

Movie night plans have been firmly postponed. Inglorious Basterds can wait - this dress is going to get done tonight.

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Anonymous said...

I almost bought that pattern a few weeks ago! Can't wait to see how the dress turns out. And I hate doing hems, too--the only way I can ever get them done is if something good in on TV and I can go at mindlessly...