Sunday, January 24, 2010

Handkerchief Quilt Top - Done!

I'm still having trouble with the sewing machine. These are so frustrating that *everyone* around me has heard me whine about it. I'm hoping for some spare time this week to go and test drive a couple of options, but if I don't manage to buy a sewing machine, it doesn't get done for the next couple weeks; I'm off on vacation the first two weeks of Feb. (Which is pretty awesome, really.)

In any case, a friend loaned me her Elna. It has a few issues, but I jury-rigged it enough to complete this quilt top.

Up next - the Dec BWOF skirt that a lot of people have made. I'm actually almost done with this, I just need to get brave and try a buttonhole with a non-optimal sewing setup.


Sew Shy said...

That quilt looks so nice and "springy". Makes me want to cuddle under it with the windows wide open. Not sure if that makes sense, but either way, I like it a lot!

anuradha said...

Looks REALLY WOW!Only hope remains the same way after washing.