Monday, January 25, 2010

Look - actual sewing!

It isn't a quilt top, and it certainly isn't a UFO bag. It is an actual skirt!

I got back home today, and sternly talked myself into making buttonholes. My friend's Elna came through like a trooper - the buttonholes were painless. I was panicking for nothing.

And voila, a skirt! (Chocolate brown does not photograph well. I had to fiddle with the settings to get this to show the pleat at all. I'll try again tomorrow too, but I'm too sleepy to care right now.)

This Dec 2009 BWOF skirt was on practically every blog I read in early December, and the enthusiasm in blog-land was the only reason I looked at this pattern twice. (The Burda styling did not do this skirt any favors.)

It was also a perfect project for someone who was using an assortment of half-working sewing machines to get it done. It only had 4 pattern pieces. No zipper was required. It needed to be hand-hemmed. (Football on TV helps for incredibly tedious tasks like this.)

I made it in a brown fabric I bought forever ago from JoAnn. (In other words, before I knew any better.) It is a medium weight skirting fabric, but the downside - it unravels like the devil! I didn't dare make french seams since I'm stuck in sewing-machine-hell, but I will fray-check the heck out of it before I wear it.

Ah, it is nice to finally finish a garment. This feels good. (Plus, I really like the skirt. I was afraid the pleat wouldn't be flattering, but it actually is really pretty nice looking.)


Chicago Sarah said...

it's VERY nice looking! and you've lost weight- you looked good before, you look great now!

Summerset said...

Sorry so late, but your skirt is very cute and you look great wearing it!