Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Old Sewing - Butterick 5173

I'm not going to formally review this, since I made it over five months ago, and I don't remember much of the process.

However, I do remember the gathers were a pain to do. And, despite a lot of trying, they end up scrunched up over my tummy. Not a flattering look, unless you are trying for the 3-month-pregnant look. (I'm vain enough that I'm not showing a side view...)

Still, it isn't too bad, and I did wear it out a couple of times over the summer.

(I'm pretty sure the hem is even, and it looks weird because of the way I'm standing...)


Sew Shy said...

I think this dress looks really attractive on you!

Summerset said...

It's still cute and the print obscures what's going on with the gathers.