Monday, February 22, 2010

The Handkerchief Quilt - Epilogue

I'd taken my handkerchief quilt top with me to India to get it quilted. I was proudly showing off my quilts to my aunts, and one of them fell in love with it. So, of course, I gave it to her (hey, one less quilt to carry back = more room for fabric purchases.)

While my mom was still in India, I was talking to her on the phone, and she'd mentioned it was back from the quilter, and she was heading to my aunt's to deliver it. So, I jokingly told her to tell my aunt that she owed me two saris for it. (I was *joking*. Although I have the rather unfortunate habit eying my aunts' saris covetously and fondling the fabric.)

Anyway, talking to my mom again on the phone now, evidently my aunt took me seriously, and sent me two saris.

I feel guilty now.

Atleast a little.


Chicago Sarah said...

Sweet! No guilt, just enjoy!

Claire S. said...

My BFF's mom gave me a hand quilted quilt a couple of weeks ago - just because I liked it ! I would have given her anything she wanted, if I known she wanted anything LOL.

Enjoy your saris an don't feel guilty - I'm sure your Aunt loves her quilt.

Kristy said...

ok, I'm back on talking terms with you after getting extremely jealous of your fab pattern and fabric acquisitions! Seriously I have been questioning to my husband all week as to why we had a baby so I can't travel to places where fabric is so good and cheap. Anyway two saris for an entire quilt - what a bargain, I'm sure you put so much time into that quilt