Monday, February 08, 2010

Quick picture-less vacation post

It was as I feared. I have bought ridiculous amounts of fabric. Not counting lining (which I consider a necessity) I have bought approximately 35 meters of fabric. (I think. I'm not keeping track too accurately.)

I'd taken my broken sewing machine with me, and managed to get it fixed. (Cheap labor in India means I can get it fixed for a fraction of the Canadian price.)*

I've also eaten my body weight in food.

Which, of course, makes this a pretty awesome vacation.

*Yes, I realize that carting a sewing machine to India is a pretty ridiculous idea. But, I'm a pretty light traveler, and didn't have much other luggage.


Kristy said...

Pictures! I can't wait to see pictues of your new fabric. And I have to say that yes taking a sewing machine in your luggage is crazy, because that's less fabric you could bring back!

Christina said...

Welcome back! I hope you're going to post some pics of all of your fabric :)