Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Eeks - what is that?

I hate to say it, but my mom, my cousin and the Selfish Seamstress were all right. Simplicity 2512 is not for me. (No, in-case you were wondering, The Selfish Seamstress wasn't talking about me, just the pattern.)

When my mom looked at the pattern envelope, she said (and therefore inspired the title of this post) - Eek, what is that?

My cousin more diplomatically suggested views C & D might look better.

Ahem. I have hips. Do I need them magnified, by unfortunately placed ruffles and checks? I also have a short waist. Wearing this skirt though, I feel like my breasts have blended into my hips, leaving nothingness where a waist was meant to be.

I'm afraid this dress is meant for tall, skinny girls. Not for short, squat people.

If I do ever wear it out, I'll be wearing it with the shirt tucked out. (Not a significant improvement, however.)

Onward. Next project. Another skirt with gathers. Why? Because I refuse to learn from my mistakes, amigos. I am that much of an idiot.


Anonymous said...

nice haircut though...it actually looks chic

Anonymous said...

i meant to say the skirt looks quite chic