Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hey, what do you know? Not too bad.

This story has a happy ending. (This line stolen, almost word-for-word, from The Life Of Pi. Haven't read it? Stop everything that you are doing and go do so. Mom - this means you.)

When I saw this caftan on my aunt, I had two thoughts:

1. Hey, this would look great as a full skirt!
2. Steal caftan.

So I did.

(Caftan draped on iron - with very curious cat checking it out.)

Actually, I kept touching the fabric and looking with puppy-dog-eyes at my aunt until she took it off and threw it in a bundle towards me, screaming - Stop touching my clothes!

Of course this is a lie. I did look with puppy-dog-eyes, and my aunt sweetly and kindly laundered it and gave it to me. I am very spoiled by my family.

What drew me to this was the fantastic color combination - the blues and the greens look so pretty together. On the caftan, I thought this was a border print, but it isn't - the contrast border is sewn on.

So, only 6-ish months later, here's the skirt. This is McCalls 5474, made before here, and here. (I made it slightly below knee-length this time, and really like it at this length as well.)

There's enough fabric to eke out a top of some kind - any suggestions? For whatever reason, I'm uninspired by the woven top pattern offerings - there are great shirt offerings, but if you aren't the shirt kind, a lot harder to find.


anuradha said...

Definitely way better than the previous skirt!!Looks GOOD Reethi!

Another Bottle of Polish said...

That's a cute skirt.