Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Mid-week mumbling

So, that portion in the last entry where I said I'd do my best not to buy anything in New York?

That was before I waded into the Garment district.

$66; less than two hours; 2 stores; about 15 yards.

At which point, I fled, and never returned.

In my defense - everything I bought was a must-have. It was cheap and pretty. (Ok, that's a weak defense, and probably applies to 75% of the stash, at-least.)

Other mumbling:

- I'm off tomorrow afternoon for a 2.5 day work trip (I fly back Friday evening.) No sewing for me for the next couple of evenings.

- I did cut the gray top tonight. I'm trying a frankenpattern, and it is giving me a wee bit of trouble. I could have stayed up and solved it, but instead I stayed up and browsed the internet. (With the tiniest bit of cleaning tossed in, to make me feel a bit better.)

- In related news, I should seriously consider turning off my Internet access for a month. And perhaps TV as well. When I moved into my apartment, for the couple of weeks when I didn't have cable or the Internet, I had all kinds of spare time. I visited book stores, wandered around the city... I am, however, afraid to take the plunge.

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