Saturday, March 20, 2010

Toronto the Good

I tend to get a tiny bit reclusive, especially during winter. This keeps me from exploring Toronto, which is a pity, because Toronto is very awesome.

It was clear out today, and I had no food in my refrigerator. So, I headed out to explore.

First, I had a late lunch at Kale. This eatery just opened - it is a self-serve, by-weight eatery that is all vegetarian and organic. It is also around the corner from my apartment. (I'm vegetarian, and I have about a zillion really tasty vegetarian options within a 5-minute radius. All kinds of awesome.)

Kale was yummy, but pricey. (All organic, all vegetarian evidently carries a hefty price tag.)

Then, I headed to Chinatown for groceries. Toronto's Chinatown is right next to the fabric district, which made me very happy, as I was out of bias-tape, and needed it for the skirt I'm working on.

Bias tape purchased, I headed towards food. I browsed a couple of grocery stores, examining unfamiliar vegetables and exotic cookies with great interest. Then I loaded up on veggies for the week.

Next door to the grocery store was a Vietnamese sandwich place. I've always wanted to go in, never have, since I'm not sure if there will be any vegetarian options. (Also, since everything is written in Vietnamese, even if there was something vegetarian, how would I know?) Anyway, I did wander in today, and lo-and-behold, there was a tofu-lemongrass sandwich. Score! And it was $1.75. (No, that is not a mis-type. I can get a yummy Vietnamese sandwich, loaded with tofu and veggies, for cheaper than a hot-dog.)

Have I mentioned that Toronto is awesome?

Sandwich bought, I headed home, stopping to sample some Blueberry Stoli at the liquor store downstairs.

A very fun few hours. Sure, I didn't sew, but I don't care. I like wandering around exploring.


Lilian said...

Isn't that just great? Just wandering around and exploring shops, neighbourhood and stuff. I like that too. I also like your sandwich. Seeing it makes me hungry (and I've just eaten!!!) I'm not really into tofu but it looks tasty.
Looking forward to see the skirt your making!

Stephanie said...

I relly enjoy your blog! I left you an award on my blog...