Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kakabeka Falls - Thunder Bay

I was in Thunder Bay on Wednesday for work, and managed to grab an hour to go see Kakabeka Falls.

I got there at 6.30pm, there was only a couple of people in sight. For about 15 minutes (which was all the time I had), I had this completely stunning view all to myself.

It was fun to see the river half-frozen in winter. (It was -17C the next morning when I filled gas before I dropped the rental off, spring hadn't really arrived.)

Oh, and of course, while driving around the town, I stumbled onto a Value Village. I stopped to do a a quick peek at their patterns, and those of the Salvation Army next door. Left with 4 - two on how to make custom shoulder pads (?!) and two others. (Of course.)

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