Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Up Next - do I dare retry this pattern?

A long time ago, less than 6 months after I started sewing, I made the ugliest top in the world, using Butterick 4799.

This top was so ugly that my dad started laughing the instant I walked out of the sewing room wearing it. (I was sewing at their place - in my tiny apartment, all sewing is done on the dining table.)

My brother joined in the laughter, and then my mother, and I knew I'd created a wadder.

Why am I revisiting this painful memory/pattern?

Because, walking to work today, I saw this woman wear the cutest top in the world - a wrap blouse in an amazing yellow, and I instantly thought - hey, I have a pattern for this.

I know I've a couple of modifications to make here.

- My old version was entirely too short, and browsing the pictures of the reviews on PR, all the versions are too short.
- I need to make the kind of tie that wraps around the body defining a waist.
- Sizing - my old version was shapeless. I need this to look sexy, yet work-appropriate, not potato-sack-like.

Grand conclusion? Muslin time. Shocking.


anuradha said...

Your choice of fabric for this shirt was TERRIBLE,choose wisely now!need help?????

Summerset said...

At least do a muslin with the proposed changes. I'd also make that tie wider. It looks a little wimpy done as per the pattern. If you still can't make it out the front door with dignity then move on.