Saturday, April 24, 2010

Me-Made-May - the planning stages

I took everything I'd made that was still wearable and laid them out on the bed, in preparation for Me-Made-May. I don't tend to sew a lot of basics, so I was afraid I'd have a lot of tops, a lot of skirts, and nothing would match with anything else.

My fears are not unfounded. These are the tops. Do you see a nice solid in there? Cause I sure don't.

And these are the skirts. I have 3 solid skirts, and a zillion prints. Houston, we have a problem.

I have one or two work-appropriate dresses, but that won't help me survive for the month.

I was freaking out a bit after that, so I took some deep breaths and tried putting a few unexpected outfits together. I'm reasonably boring in my dressing, and don't layer well at all. These outfits involve going significantly outside my comfort zone.

This is my comfort zone. Black tanktop (McCalls, I think, from ages ago, if someone cares, I can look it up) and colored skirt (also McCalls, I think, I never reviewed this, and again, I can look it up if anyone cares.)

And these two outfits involve me layering in unexpected (to me) ways.

Butterick wrap shirt, worn over a Simplicity dress (that I never reviewed.) I'm not sure if I look pregnant here, feel free to tell me? (And no, I'm not pregnant, of course.)

Black McCalls shirt worn over a Vogue dress (with a store-bought belt, which I've decided is ok.) The Vogue dress is not work appropriate, but I'm hoping that by covering the cleavage up with the shirt, I can wear this to work.

That's it for now. I think I'll survive if I make myself a white top of some kind, and a black skirt? Hopefully?


Anonymous said...

hey this last combo is really nice..i think i like the red combo as well

Anonymous said...

also someone looked inside my closet and said I had tooo many clothes..isnt there saying "pot calling kettle ....

KID, MD said...

I surfed over from the Me Made May flickr group. You have made some beautiful garments and I love the outfits you've pulled together! I have the same problem of sewing tons of prints and then having nothing that goes together. Maybe I need to think outside my box!

Amy said...

I'm also here from the Me Made May group--you're a lot better off than I am! You have so many lovely things to wear. I'm not very good at layering/ accessorizing either. Perhaps this challenge will force us to be more creative with putting together our outfits :)

Stacy said...

Hi, I also followed your link from the Me-Made-May Flickr group. Layering isn't something I'm very comfortable with, either. I like how you've layered these combinations, especially the red and white outfit.

Barbara said...

Oh, my wardrobe looks completely empty compared to yours...Good luck with MMM!