Friday, April 23, 2010

Meeting my first blogger!

What a fun couple of weeks I've been having, with parties, beer (and corresponding sewing accidents, and yes, Kristy, I did think it was hilarious!), fabric, etc.

And right in the middle of all that fun was my first real-live-meeting with a fellow blogger. Tricia was going to be in Toronto, I offered to go fabric shopping with her.

Meeting Tricia was really fun, and discussing sewing with someone is so cool! None of my friends sew, and so I don't get to have sewing conversations with anyone. We talked about Tricia's pant muslins, current projects (look at this Christening dress!), stash, other people's projects, how prolific other sewers seemed to be compared to us, and so on and so forth.

Then we went fabric shopping. How it was supposed to work was, I was going to tag along, and watch Tricia shop. (My stash is out of control!) How it ended up working instead - I bought some really pretty Italian satin, with huge tiger lilies on it. It is really pretty, I *should* use it promptly this summer. (It was also more expensive than the fabric I usually buy, and I'm therefore going to make that rarest-of-rare-things, a muslin.)

So much fun in an afternoon! (Tricia's blogpost is here.)


angie.a said...

Aw how fun! I would love to finally meet up with some of my blogger buddies. One day!

Clio said...

I'm so flattered!! Thanks Reethi! I had a great time on our sewing/shopping outing too!