Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Simplicity 3503

Here's the dress (Simplicity 3503, view B), this time with the seams sewn on properly. (I haven't hemmed it yet, but this is a nice, casual dress, I'm not sure if I'm really going to bother.)

This was a nice, easy knit dress. It had 5 pattern pieces, the sewing was easy, and it came together in a couple of evenings. Plus, I really like this style, it feels casual, yet pretty. The fabric is something I bought in Fabricland about two years ago? I used some of it for this dress, but I still have enough to make a top, I think.

Minor quibble (1) - a super low neckline = wear a tanktop underneath. Since I'm participating in Me-Made-May, I need to sew myself a tanktop if I intend to wear this dress next month.

Minor quibble (2) - the back neck edge in particular gapes quite badly. The instructions had me fold and stitch the neck edge. I *know* better, I should have used clear elastic there somewhere. Ah well. These are probably the kinds of things some serious steaming will solve, and if not, then the kind of thing only a fellow sewer will notice. (Or so I tell myself.)

Parting shot:

It was my birthday yesterday. I had an awesome weekend really, much partying was done. (And a friend even gave me fabric as a gift, awwww....) On Saturday night was the party for which I was hoping to have time to sew. I didn't have time to sew, of course, but I did wear my vintage McCalls dress and it got many compliments. Here's a picture of me wearing it - with brown tights and boots, to make it slightly warmer.


AllisonC said...

Happy birthday! Definitely better with the seams sewn the right way round!

Eugenia said...

Beautiful dress! And I hope that you had a very happy birthday.

anuradha said...

Awesome dress!Had a good laugh at your expense,but it looks lovely right sides matching!!