Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Up Next - A very pink shirt

I'm using one of my new McCalls patterns - M6035 above. I made a friend bring me 8 patterns when she was visiting - nice! I feel like I should use one of them. Me-Made-May is making me focus on sewing basics for a bit.

I'm actually making the pink shirt view, which is view C, I think. Except without the collar, as in the black & white shirt view (just the under-collar.) Why no collar? The obvious reason - I ran out of fabric, aargh. I'm using a solid pink fabric that I bought in India (fourth picture, third fabric from left in this post). I'd bought a yard and a quarter, from what I remember, and I'm a tiny bit short. Ah well. Leaving out the collar will probably make it easier to sew anyway.

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