Sunday, May 23, 2010

In which I wander to Ottawa...

I spent Friday and most of Saturday in Ottawa. Friday, I worked - but Saturday was filled with fun.

I wandered down Wellington Street, checking out the pretty buildings.

I saw the Parliment from the outside.

And the Ottawa Locks.

I strolled through Byward Market, admiring the trays of annuals out on display (stopping for coffee and croissants at a very French bakery.)

I went to a park to see the tulips, but these beds were all that was left, the tulips bloomed early this year (it was Tulip festival at Ottawa.)

I had a very enjoyable Saturday morning/afternoon. Ottawa isn't really that far away, but I've never wandered around - it was fun being a tourist for a day.

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anuradha said...

Beautiful pics of Ottawa!