Thursday, May 20, 2010

Me-Made-May - Days 12-19

Massive catch-up.

First, the confession. While I have been following the rules of wearing me-made, I've been slacking off on the rules of photo-taking. So, last night, tripod all set up, I set out to recreate all the outfits I'd been wearing, in order to take photos.

Second, I made myself a black skirt. Instant wardrobe multiplier! You'll notice I've been wearing it non-stop for the last week. Call me boring - but it goes with everything!

With the disclaimer and random comment out of the way - here goes.

Day 12 (Wednesday): I had to work, and then go to a bar, perch on a bar-stool, and watch the Canadiens play the Penguins. This dress worked great for the office, but not so much for the bar-stool. The waist kept riding up, and I'd have to keep tugging it down. I wonder if a waist-stay is meant to solve this?

Biscuit kept wandering over to see what I was doing, and I had to pick up the little monkey. A clearer picture of the dress is here. It is McCalls 5466.

Day 13 (Thursday): Basic white t-shirts are worth their weight in gold. I was not feeling creative today. White t-shirt is Simplicity 4076, view C. The brown skirt is BWOF 12-2009-112. Both repeats in MMM, but then, I hardly sew basics, so it would stand to reason we'd see a lot of them. :)

Day 14 (Friday): The basic black skirt was done (review pending, sigh!) and I promptly pulled it out and wore it. The t-shirt is BWOF, the skirt is McCalls 5817. Black skirts are amazing. Would you believe, prior to this point, I didn't have a black skirt in my wardrobe, sewn or RTW? Tim Gunn would weep. Although I thought I'd love this outfit, I didn't really. The waistband of the t-shirt is tight, and it kept messing with the lines of the skirt. Still.

Day 15 (Saturday): We've already seen this outfit - the first outfit of my May-Mini-Wardrobe. The skirt is Simplicity 4236 View C; the t-shirt is the often-used, always-awesome Simplicity 4076, view C.

Day 16 (Sunday): Hey, look - its the black skirt again (McCalls 5817). This time with the black shirt (BWOF 12-2008-113)! Ahem. I had a brunch to go to at a nice-ish place, I wanted to be a little bit dressed up. This fit the bill. Most of the day though, I spent in me-made lounge clothes, since I had nothing planned after brunch, and used the time to laze and sew.

Day 17 (Monday): Ahem. Woke up late, and Sunday's outfit wasn't neatly hung away. (Shocking!) I just wore it again. (What is the world coming to, I say?)

(At this point in time, I think Biscuit just wanted to get away. Poor Biscuit. Sometimes, she has to indulge me instead.)

Day 18 (Tuesday): Lots of repeats this week. I pulled out BWOF 02-2009-124, which is always easy to wear.

Day 19 (Wednesday): What do you know - its the black skirt (McCalls 5817) again. (Like I said, I wore it to death this week.) This time, I paired it with my BWOF 11-2008-103 top.

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Uta said...

I love that dark red/checked dress. So classy and pretty! I had the same thing (as with your new black skirt) happen with a gray skirt - MMM is really teaching us about staples, isn't it?