Friday, May 07, 2010

Me-Made-May - Day 7

A certain someone woke me up at 4.30am by walking on my stomach demanding to be petted. As punishment, she is being forced to participate in the photo shoot. I have to get even somehow. ;)

Twin-set: McCalls 4923 - now OOP. Skirt: BWOF 12-2009-112

Interesting thing about the twin-set, I loved it when I made it, but now, a year and a half later, all I can see are the flaws. In fact, this is probably getting tossed in the recycle pile. The facings don't lie flat - neither does the button band... I might try the April BWOF cardigan to see if I can get that to work better.

Had the hardest time getting dressed this morning - changed outfits 4 times. If I don't sew work clothes this weekend, I run the serious risk of wearing nothing to work. Plus, while I'm about it, I should stop eating crap, I've put on 5 pounds or so, not terrible, but it is making me look at all my clothes with disgust. Double-sigh.


anuradha said...

Good way to torture Bisky!

Uta said...

The twin set is so pretty! Maybe you can save it by putting in some hidden hand stitches to tack down the facings? I can't see anything wrong with the button band. And the blue buttons are great!