Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cocktail dress in a hurry: Fabric

Ok, since I leave on Thursday for Montreal, I'm not actually at the fabric picking stage. Fabric has been cut out, and the bodice has been sewn. I hope to finish this tonight, or worst-case, tomorrow. (Else I go naked. Dire!)

Like I said in the last post on this dress, I'm using a beautiful midnight-blue silk for this dress.

And of course, the princess Biscuit approves.

One aargh moment so far - I've managed to cut my bodice in such a way that one of those dots on the fabric is - how shall we say it - in the wrong place. Aargh. However, since my bodice is self-lined, I might simply flip the right and wrong sides. (I did try to take care when cutting it out, to make sure it wouldn't happen. And before I do the flip, I'll try it on with the actual bra I'm planning to wear - since I'm sure that will make a difference.)


Anonymous said...

I'm a beginning sewist, who stumbled on your blog - love the dresses you've made...I'm waiting to see how the cocktail dress in silk turns out, as I have a blue silk sari that I want to make into something else (the blue ran color into the yellow border :)) - would you post a tutorial for a rank beginner, once you're done?



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